Slow Fashion using post-consumer textile waste.

Maria Teresa Flores heads the collective in Chile and helps to create and guide the beautiful bespoke hand crafted knitted items for you to covert.  A LCF MBA graduate, she moved her business and innovation skills towards her home and is now bringing a piece of it to the UK with the most beautiful and skilfully created sustainable pieces. Using post consumer waste to re-create the yarn for the collection, creating an avenue for a new lease of life and preventing things from moving to landfill or incineration.

Slow Fashion

We have many wonderful hands creating with us, they are paid a fair wage for their engagement in the project.  Giving them the opportunity to create money making at home as our items only touch hands and not a factory machine. It is slow fashion in all its beauty. Because we are not a factory system we do not have to over produce and can make to order. We have pre-made a little stock and created this crowdfund to introduce the brand to the UK.